Race Entry

Race Entry 

The Hong Kong Automobile Association is the Federation Internationale d'Automobile (FIA) designated National Sporting Authority (ASN) for Hong Kong, and, as such, is the only authority permitted to issue Motorsport Competition Licences."

Beginning motorsport is easy in Hong Kong. Any Hong Kong resident who wants to participate in the sport has to first become a member of an HKAA recognised motorsport club, then pass a medical examination and a track driving test to get a competition licence, then he or she may go RACING!

The procedure is as follows:

1. Be a member of HKAA

2. Apply for competition licence

After joining HKAA, the applicant can apply for an FIA approved competition licence issued by the HKAA. The procedures are: 
a. First passing a written examination on the FIA motorsport competition rules. 
b. Satisfactory passing of a medical examination, by an HKAA approved doctor, to prove you are physically fit for the sport.

3. Things to take note of :

a. Applicants are encouraged to undergo additional training, from any source, before the examinations. 
b. Applicants have to provide their own FIA approved personal safety gear, helmet, fireproof suit, gloves, boots etc, (it is recommended that the applicant purchase these items) 
As Hong Kong Automobile Association is the FIA ASN of Hong Kong, it is responsible for the governance of all motorsport activities in Hong Kong. One of the main jobs is the issuance of the correct class of Hong Kong competition licence - based on the International Sporting Code, Appendix L, of the Yearbook of Automobile Sport, issued by the FIA, copies may be purchased either from the FIA direct or from the HKAA, additionally, reference may be made to the FIA website at www.fia.com