Travel Insurance

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  HKAA member discount always
No excess on all benefits
24-hour global emergency assistance service with emergency medical evacuation and hospital admission deposit guarantee
Follow-up medical cover, including Chinese medicine bone-setting, acupuncture treatment, etc.
Personal accident cover, including accident on public common carrier or due to terrorism or robbery
Travel delay and re-routing due to terrorism, natural disaster, adverse weather conditions, etc.
100% protection for dangerous amateur sports, including winter sports, scuba diving, water-skiing, rafting, sailing, parachuting, rock climbing, bungee jumping, horse riding, etc.
No age limit1
All accompanying children aged at or below 17 years will enjoy free cover while both parents are enrolled in the family plan
Automatic extension for unavoidable delay up to 10 days
For annual travel plan, no limit on the frequency of travel2
New benefits
Rental Vehicle Excess
If during the period of insurance, the insured person rents or hires a rental vehicle in the course of a journey which is involved in a collision whilst under the control of the insured person or such vehicle is stolen or damaged and the rental agreement includes an excess which makes such insured person liable for the loss or damages of the rental vehicle, we will reimburse him/her for the rental vehicle excess up to the maximum benefits as stated in the table of benefits.
Unauthorized Use of Lost Credit Card
We will reimburse the insured person up to the maximum benefits as stated in the Table of Benefits for the monetary loss due to accidental loss of credit card leading to unauthorized use of such credit card.
1 It is not applicable to annual travel plan. Certain age groups are subject to the policy terms and conditions.
2 The maximum period of the insured journey cannot exceed 90 days.
The above is for reference only and does not form part of the policy contract. For details of the terms and conditions of the insurance product, please refer to the policy documents. In case of discrepancy, the policy provisions shall prevail.