24-Hour Emergency Roadside Rescue Service

24-Hour Emergency Roadside Rescue Service

Emergency Hotline 9080 9843

24/7, 365 days a year, ERS support.  We or our agent will help our members in every corner of the territory to solve their emergency requests, such as fixing breakdowns by the roadside to keep you moving and providing towing service to our member's requested location.  Home, car park, at the office or on the road, we or our agent will rescue you – from a flat tyre or battery to overheating or accident assistance!


How to call for HELP

Just ring 9080-9843
To ensure speedy service, please have the following information available when calling for Emergency Rescue Service :
Your HKAA Membership Card & Number 
The make, model & colour the vehicle 
Vehicle Registration Number 
The exact location of the vehicle 
A contact telephone number

24-Hour emergency roadside rescue service details and guidelines