Auto Transport

Auto Transport Overview

Our background and objective
HKAA was established on 14th June, 1918. The ideals formed in the constitution have not fundamentally changed since first written: the objective of the Association is to enable motorists to unite together for their common welfare and benefit. Gradually we have been diversifying our service to members, including, amongst other services, the high quality and cost-effective vehicle import and export service.

One-stop shop logistics auto service
Cars being imported from overseas are consigned to the Association, and will be collected from the docks. AA will prepare a condition report of the vehicle, store it pending licensing, arrange and present the car for inspection, and attend to registration and licensing. The export of vehicle involves reserving shipping space and attending to all documentation at the Hong Kong end, including Bill of Lading, arranging marine insurance, delivering the vehicle to the docks, making out a condition report and delivery all documents to the destination. 

Effectiveness and efficiency
We have an experienced team with Technical Service support to handle the whole logistics process, ensuring a quick and safe one-stop shop total solution delivery service to our members.

Contact us
Please feel free to contact direct line: (852) 3583-3616 or e-mail address :