Who We Are


The Hong Kong, China Automobile Association (HKAA) is a members' service organization for motorists and member of their families. Services provided range from 24 hour free Emergency Rescue Service, referral to sources of legal advice, car insurance and inspection services, as well as answering general queries in relation to your car and driving. 

Affiliated with more than 150 overseas motoring organizations around the world which offer reciprocal services, the HKAA is the most recognized and longest established automobile organization formed in Hong Kong and has been in existence since 1918. The HKAA shares member service experience i.e. “the best practice” with other auto clubs worldwide to achieve service excellence.

As an internationally recognized not-for-profit organization, the HKAA upholds the objectives of serving and protecting our members, serving the community, promoting road safety and motorsports development, supporting research into environmental protection and promoting new energy vehicles. 

HKAA is a member of the FIA (FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’AUTOMOBILE), the FIM (FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE MOTOCYCLISME) and Hong Kong Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF & OC). As the ASN (NATIONAL SPORTING AUTHORITY) in Hong Kong, HKAA’s involvement in motorsport began in the 1950s. 

The Association exercises control via a Motor Sport Council, comprising representatives of the General Committee and more than 10 local affiliated clubs that are involved in the sport. 

In addition to this formal role, the Association has been actively involved in the promotion of sporting events, ranging from assistance to Hong Kong competitors to participate in events in other countries to organization of international events.